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Untangling from
Old patterns

Have you noticed patterns in your life you want to change?  Increased awareness of these patterns often happens when we feel stuck or restless about the daily grind of life or potential identity shifts (like sexual orientation, gender, etc.).  We also tend to notice these patterns when experiencing moments of awe, like reaching a scenic mountain summit after an arduous journey, welcoming a new family member home, or completing a project that seemed impossible at first.  Greater awareness of these patterns may also happen when life events shake us up like losing a job, ending an important relationship, moving to a new area, experiencing extreme climate events, being a target of discrimination, retiring, grieving the loss of someone important in our life, or being diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness.

We will work together to establish and maintain new patterns by fully understanding who you have been, who you are in the present, and who you aspire to be. We will examine whether your current beliefs about these “stories of you” are based on long-held assumptions that are no longer your own.  Ultimately, psychotherapy can free up your capacity to mindfully make new choices that are more closely aligned with your own values and create new patterns that feel meaningful and authentic across the tapestry of your life stories.

About Me

T. Dawson Woodrum,
PhD, Psychologist

I consider myself a life-long student of what it means to be human and the common joys and struggles of existence.  My curiosity has provided a rich tapestry of life experiences that include surviving law school, managing large teams of highly talented people, training a service dog, learning how to raise my own food, identifying edible plants in the wild, building a fire in the rain, and playing the guitar and Irish tin whistle (but not at the same time).

I believe that we are naturally inclined to grow in healthy ways throughout our lifespan.  When unfettered, this healthy growth contributes to living a content, authentic and meaning-filled life.  Sometimes, however, this growth gets blocked and psychotherapy can help clarify what that block is and how to move it out of the way.

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